Thursday, December 22, 2011

Announcement of First Verrazano Study Abroad Recipients

The Verrazano School is pleased to announce the first-ever Verrazano Study Abroad Scholarship recipients.  Deryn Cro, Class of 2012, and Lisa Migliorisi and Joseph Bushman, both Class of 2014, have been awarded scholarships to help support their study abroad experiences in Italy and Australia during the Winter 2012 intersession.

Deryn Cro and Joseph Bushman

Lisa Migliorisi
For the first time in the history of The Verrazano School, funds are available through an application process for Verrazano students to help support participation in study abroad programs.  Dr. Patricia Brooks, Interim Director of The Verrazano School, commented that she is “delighted that The Verrazano School is able to offer scholarships for study abroad that that additional funds will be available next semester for summer and fall.”  It’s a significant step for the program, and we hope that the opportunity for students to receive financial support for international experiences will increase the overall number of Verrazano students studying abroad.

Deryn Cro, a senior majoring in History and English Literature, will be spending the winter session studying art history in Florence, Italy through a CSI-based program.  Deryn intends to pursue a Masters Degree in Library Science with a concentration in Archives and Special Collection and envisions this is a great opportunity to blend her current interests with her graduate school plans.

Lisa Migliorisi, a sophomore studying Dramatic Arts, and Joseph Bushman, a sophomore studying Music, will both be in Australia during the month of January on a program called “Australia Today” through Hunter College.  Lisa got hooked on travel while spending the summer after her freshman year on a Semester at Sea study abroad program.  She sees this opportunity in Australia as a way to increase her global awareness and broaden her perspective on the world.

Joseph Bushman first traveled overseas in high school when his student-run music company went to Ireland to participate in an international music competition.  This brief trip, and his love for many styles of music, inspired him to apply for a study abroad program in Australia.   After learning of his award, Joseph remarked, "I'm thankful that Verrazano students have their own scholarship now, without it I would not have been able to afford to travel to Australia this January."   He anticipates that the study abroad experience will help build his resume and distinguish him as a candidate for future opportunities.

Deryn and Joseph showing where they'll be in just over a week!
All Verrazano Study Abroad Scholarship recipients will be posting blog entries about their study abroad experiences before departure, while abroad, and upon return.  We look forward to reading the updates from Deryn, Lisa, and Joseph!

Verrazano Study Abroad Scholarship Application deadlines are March 1st for summer and fall study abroad and October 1st for winter and spring study abroad.  Awards range from $1000-$5000, and through the scholarship application process students are encouraged to clearly identify how the proposed study abroad experience supports the pursuit and achievement of their academic and professional goals and how the program would benefit their academic and personal growth. 

For more information about the scholarship opportunity and for links to study abroad programs, please visit: 


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