Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hooked on Travel and Heading Down Under

The following post is from Lisa Migliorisi, Class of 2014, as she leaves for her winter intersession in Geelong, Australia.  This is the first of three blog entries that Lisa will contribute as she chronicles her study abroad experience.
Too many young people are blind to cultural differences and current events because of their lack of education.  To avoid being a statistic, I strive to be less ignorant and more worldly.  In the summer of 2011, I decided it was time for a change – personally and culturally.  I attended a Semester at Sea and visited seven Mediterranean countries.  I experienced protests in Spain, art in Italy, the beauty of Croatia, riots in Greece, and the Islamic prayer service in Turkey.  I couldn’t believe how many interesting features I was unaware of.  This opened my eyes to how much I truly love to learn about foreign countries.  Throughout my voyage, I became what I like to call a “global citizen.” Not only did I learn about each country, their history, and their customs, but I also experienced it.   Each place was very different than the next, and my interests grew immensely.  I loved seeing all the dissimilarities between the countries, such as attitude, public appearance, eating habits and even little facets such as architectural differences.  After getting a taste of the world, I’m hooked.  I want to continue to learn through travel because I feel that it’s how I learn best.

Through CUNY Hunter’s study abroad program with Deakin University, I will be able to visit Geelong, Australia.  The program aims to provide its’ students with tools for cultural orientation, information, experiences, analyses, and interaction, which will inform, entertain, and increase our understanding of Australia.  During my time in Geelong I will have the opportunity to learn about Australian history, Australian film, the ANZAC legend, Australia democracy and the aboriginal settlement.

I want to continue to broaden my horizons and gain a greater understanding of the world around me.  All of the opportunities that arise through this program would increase my global awareness as well as my global perspective.   By visiting Australia I will not only be adding to the list of continents and countries I’ve visited but also to the knowledge I have gained.  This opportunity will allow me to continue to learn about people around the world and continue my comparisons of dissimilarities.

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