Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Verrazano Student Shines at SiriusXM Satellite Radio Internship

Lauren Hornek, Verrazano Class of 2014, shares her internship experience with the Verrazano Voyager blog readers.

Hey everyone!

My name is Lauren Hornek and I am a sophomore in The Verrazano School/Class of 2014. I couldn't wait to start this semester because it was when I would be starting my internship at SiriusXM Satellite Radio! I'm already a month in and I love it so much that I never want it to end. I work from Wednesdays to Saturdays and I work specifically with Cousin Brucie, who was my idol as a kid and still is, and his show. During live show nights which are Wednesdays and Saturdays, I work the phones and get to interact with the callers, update and maintain the show Facebook & email, edit & record phone call-requests in the editing room, help The Cuz with his show prep and participate A LOT on air. I also get to meet countless celebrities and music artists that come through on a regular basis; some so far have been Little Steven Van Zandt, Godsmack, Dr. Ruth, & Steve Aoki.

Lauren Hornek and Cousin Brucie

On non-show days I work on the main floor doing work on music channels such as 70's on 7, Siriusly Sinatra and Elvis Radio. I put new music into the database, load voice tracks, make song logs and send out the appropriate music sheets to the disc jockeys for their shift amongst other things. I have a ton of friends on the main floor, it's such a good environment to work in.  You hardly feel like you're working when you have such great people around you; that is why I love going there every day. It's a perfect mix of radio, work, and networking with others in your field.

I'm very glad I took hold of this opportunity because I'm learning things that I need to for my career in radio which will hopefully be at SiriusXM one day. Every day is a new learning opportunity, and by the end of this internship I expect to be at the top of what I'm taught to do and mastering it expertly.

-Lauren Hornek

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