Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Serving the Community through Dance

Adriane Musacchio, Verrazano Class of 2014, is pursuing a double-degree in Dramatic Arts and History/Adolescent Education.  Adriane volunteers her time working with teenagers as a choreographer for a community organization in Brooklyn, and below she shares more about her experience.

Hi everyone!

Adriane Musacchio
My name is Adriane Musacchio and I am currently a sophomore Verrazano Honors student. I have been doing community service at BrooklynONEtheater+film since last October as the Dance Director and Choreographer for the BrooklynONE Dance Company and as the Choreographer for the BrooklynONE Youth Ensemble. After being a Bay Ridge Teen Idol finalist this past summer, Anthony Marino, the co-owner and Artistic Director of BrooklynONEtheater+film, asked me if I wanted to choreograph a Christmas show for the BrooklynONE Youth Ensemble.

The BrooklynONE Youth Ensemble is comprised of teenagers ages 12-18 who enjoy singing, dancing, and acting. The Christmas show displayed all of these talents when the members sang festive Christmas songs, acted out an original skit written by one of the Youth Ensemble members, and danced to dances I choreographed. After working with these talented teenagers and the wonderful production team for the Christmas show, Anthony decided to add a Dance Company to BrooklynONEtheater+film and made me the Dance Director and Choreographer of it. The BrooklynONE Dance Company allows dancers ages 12 and up to explore and hone their craft. As Dance Director, I organize and plan what dances the BrooklynONE dancers will perform at community events and dance showcases. As Choreographer I teach a broad range of dance styles including jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, ballet, and hip hop. The BrooklynONE Dance Company had their first performance at the Bay Ridge Festival of the Arts last month and will be performing at Relay For Life on June 23rd.

Adriane and her students
I love doing community service at BrooklynONEtheater+film! Not only do I enjoy it, but I also find it extremely fulfilling. As a Dramatic Arts and Secondary Education major, I feel this community service job fulfills my two favorite interests; teaching teenagers while at the same time combining dance and theater. I can’t wait to continue working with the BrooklynONE Dance Company and Youth Ensemble members!

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