Monday, September 10, 2012

Gaining Real World Experience Through a Summer Internship

Tori Brando, a Corporate Communications major in the Verrazano Class of 2014, interned at Magicx Studios over the summer.  Read more about her experience!

Tori Brando, Class of 2014
An internship is a wonderful opportunity for college students to gain some real world experience in the career field, build their résumés, and achieve knowledge about the field they hope to go into after graduation.  This summer, I had the pleasure to intern with Magicx Studios and learn a lot about the fields of web design, advertising, and marketing.  As a corporate communications major, Magicx Studios taught me so much about several different fields of advertising and marketing.  I learned how to write for advertisements, write for marketing campaigns, conduct a proper business meeting with clientele, produce commendable work in the field, use social media as a way of advertising and marketing, and how to utilize the Internet to create successful marketing campaigns.

My internship was beneficial to me for several different reasons.  One of those reasons was the networking I was able to do and the connections I was able to make.  I was able to make wonderful connections with the two owners of Magicx Studios who I worked closely with over the summer.  Since Magicx Studios is the largest and most successful web design and advertising company on Staten Island, I am very grateful that I was able to work with the owners through this internship.  Knowing and working with the Magicx owners might prove to be very useful to me post-graduation.  I also met several Magicx Studio clients throughout the summer who own successful businesses throughout New York.

One of my main responsibilities throughout this internship was writing, and because of this internship I have learned so many new skills.  Writing is one of the most vital skills in the work force today and I believe my writing has improved while working for Magicx Studios.  I have learned to write in more creative and imaginative ways and, most importantly, I have learned to write for advertising and marketing.  I was taught how to implement certain techniques to grab the readers’ attention and how to make my writing more accessible to readers and their wants.  I really learned how to put that marketing “spin” on my writing.

My internship this past summer was so beneficial to me and opened so many doors for me.  I made wonderful connections with exciting and successful businesspeople in my desired field, learned how to write for advertising and marketing, learned how to conduct a successful business meeting, and learned how to work in the field.  Additionally, I was able to start forming my résumé for after graduation and gain some essential knowledge about the inner workings of the field I hope to be successful in after I graduate from the College of Staten Island.  Interning turned out to be so beneficial for me and I hope my experience encourages other Verrazano students to see what interning can do for them.   

Are you interested in interning with Magicx Studios?
Magicx Studios Media Advertising is currently looking for interns in their Marketing, Editorial and Web/Graphic Design Departments.  Students interested in an internship opportunity with Magicx Studios should send a copy of their resume to Richard Krysztoforski, Career Development and Internship Specialist in the Career and Scholarship Center (1A-105), at and indicate which position(s) they are applying for in the body of the email.

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