Friday, December 21, 2012

Verrazano Scholarship Recipients Are Ready To Explore The World

The Verrazano School is pleased to announce the Fall 2012 Verrazano Study Abroad Scholarship recipients.  Shiney David, Angelica Grant, Elizabeth Krawczun, and Kimmy Yu have been awarded scholarships to help support their study abroad experiences during the upcoming winter and spring sessions.  These students will pursue language and cultural studies related to their areas of interest and come back having gained valuable experience and memories to last a lifetime.

Angelica Grant, Kimmy Yu, Elizabeth Krawczun

Shiney David

Elizabeth Krawczun, Verrazano Class of 2014, is a CUNY BA student pursuing a concentration in Epidemiology.  She will be spending the winter intersession traveling to India on a Global Health program through Brooklyn College.  Elizabeth remarked, “ This scholarship is going to give me the opportunity to explore a new country and new cultures. I greatly appreciate the chance I am being given to step outside of my comfort zone and take part in a global education. I would not have had this wonderful opportunity, if not for the generosity of the Verrazano School."

Shiney David, a Psychology major in the Class of 2013, will be spending the winter intersession in Florence, Italy.  Shiney hopes to become a physical therapist and is interested in applying the cross-cultural skills she gains this winter to her future profession.  "Studying abroad has been one of my goals ever since I started college,” Shiney said.  Like many students, Shiney was concerned about the financial burden of a study abroad experience and decided to apply for scholarship funds.  “If it wasn’t for the Verrazano Scholarship,” she said, “ I would have never gotten a chance to have this experience.”

Kimmy Yu is a senior, majoring in Chemistry with minors in Biochemistry and Chinese. He will be traveling to Shanghai for the winter intersession. Kimmy plans to pursue a career in teaching and medicine. He feels that having this financial support will help provide him with the ultimate experience of living on his own while at the same time earning credits toward his minor.

Angelica Grant, Class of 2013, is a Psychology major who will spend her final undergraduate semester in Hong Kong as part of the CSI Exchange Ambassador Program.  After doing research with Dr. Brooks for several semesters and finalizing her honors thesis, Angelica is ready to have the adventure of a lifetime.  In expressing her gratitude for the financial support, Angelica said, “The scholarship will significantly help me to pursue my dream of living and learning abroad while taking courses in the Social Sciences and Humanities at the City University of Hong Kong.”

All four of these scholarship recipients are active members of the Verrazano community and the broader CSI community and will serve as wonderful ambassadors for study abroad while they are away and after they are back on campus.  They will be posting blog entries about their experiences before they leave, while they are abroad, and upon their return.   There will also be a Verrazano student study abroad panel held on February 14, and the scholarship recipients will be participating as panelists at that event.  We look forward to hearing more from these students!

Funds are available through a competitive application process to help support Verrazano student participation in study abroad programs.  Funds are made possible through the Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Academic Programs and the Center for International Service.  The deadlines to apply for a Verrazano Study Abroad Scholarship are October 1st for winter and spring study abroad programs and March 1st for summer and fall study abroad programs.  Awards range from $1000-$5000, and through the scholarship application process students are encouraged to clearly identify how the proposed study abroad experience supports the pursuit and achievement of their academic and professional goals and how the program would benefit their academic and personal growth.

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