Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gaining Skills And Experience With The Staten Island Historical Society

Megan McCarthy, a History major graduating with the Verrazano Class of 2013, has been interning with the Staten Island Historical Society this semester.  Megan hopes to become a grant writer or research analyst, and below she shares how her internship experience has helped her build skills for her future career.

This semester I was given the wonderful opportunity to intern with the Staten Island Historical Society (SIHS).  I became aware of this internship through my advisor from The Verrazano School Honors Program, and it is affiliated with the Internship Stipend Program through the Career and Scholarship Center.  I started the internship towards the end of March and was put right to work on various projects.  When I started the internship, SIHS was in full swing with the BBQ Cook Off and Chili Cook Off.  I was given the task to call and follow up with potential judges for these cook-offs and also for the vendors of the events.  Every time I went into the office, there was a new and exciting task for me to work on.  

I was also assigned to help proofread documents that would be sent out for a grant opportunity or for a mass mailing.  This is going to be a huge benefit for my future career and helped prepare me to pay close attention to detail.  I learned about the process of writing a proposal for a grant and how important it is to keep in close communication  with the grant-sponsoring organization. I have learned that there are many details that go into the grant proposal, such as budgeting and stating what you are going to do with the money that is received.  

I worked the NYC BBQ Cook Off and the Chili Cook Off during the time of my internship.  These events are much different behind the scenes than actually attending as a paying customer.  Being behind the scenes I was given different tasks, but my main project that day was capturing candid photos of the day’s event.  This opportunity allowed me to get more on a personal level with contestants, and both events were a lot of fun to be a part of.
Working on a variety of different projects, from following up calls for fundraising to different education programs, I have learned a range of skills that will help benefit me in my future job search.  I have learned to multitask and still get my assigned jobs done in promptly.  This internship is located and associated with Historic Richmond Town, and it’s amazing to see how the organization runs and all the ins and outs of a museum.

This internship introduced me to a lot of great people who I have had an amazing experience working with.  My first day I was nervous, as any person would be, but I was welcomed into their team with open arms and I am very grateful for how wonderful they were to me.  I have enjoyed this opportunity so much that I am thrilled to say that I am going to continue my internship with the Historical Society through the fall.  

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