Monday, May 2, 2016

The Alum Perspective: Pay Attention to Flyers!

Erica Golin, an alumna from the class of 2015, earned her degree in Psychology with a Sociology/Anthropology minor. But her life changed when she saw a flyer. . .

Erica by the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Myers
On March 31, 2014, the course of my life was changed by watching a documentary in the Green Dolphin Lounge. Sounds dramatic, but this was my experience as an undergraduate student. A flyer caught my attention, an invitation to watch the documentary Paradise or Oblivion, hosted by Professor Harry Cason. The concept presented in the 48-minute video, available on YouTube, is Resource-Based Economy, which means living sustainably and eliminating the root causes of problems. Since watching Paradise or Oblivion for the first time two years ago, I have learned about the values and processes that contribute to a truly sustainable society, and this has influenced my lens of the entire world.

I am grateful for Professor Cason for inviting me to guest lecture about Resource-Based Economy in December for his World Political History classes. Without a passion pushing me, I might not have decided to go on to get my MPA from Columbia University in Environmental Science and Policy (I’m starting in June). I have also met Ja
cque Fresco, the 100-year-old futurist who coined the term “Resource-Based Economy,” twice.

As an alum of the College of Staten Island preparing to go to grad school, I have this advice for you:  If something catches your interest, listen to that voice of excitement and curiosity within you and just go for it